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Suleman Chambo

Paul Kibwika Process Facilitator Tanzania  suleman.chambo@picoteam.org


Suleman Chambo’s main interests are around effective facilitation of development processes for people owned organizations, strategic planning, moderation and curriculum impact assessment and development.

His areas of research interest include Organizational Development, Co-operative Development , Financial Services for the poor and Value adding processes in post harvest agriculture. In 2006/07 as team leader he joined a major research project on “Enabling Environment for Co-operative Development in Africa” for the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA). The project covered six countries - Botswana, Ethiopia, Kenya , Malawi , Tanzania and Swaziland.

He is a board member of several people based and rural development organisations in Tanzania, such as the Traditional Irrigation and Environmental Development Organization, Small  Farmers Network of Tanzania, Financial Services and Enterprise Development Association and Research on Poverty Alleviation (NGO). Recently, Suleman has been appointed member of the Steering Committee of the COOP-AFRICA Programme, seeking to revitalize the co-operative enterprise in Africa.

Suleman is Principal and Associate Professor of Economics and Organizational Management of the Moshi University College of Co-operative and Business Studies in Tanzania. He disposes of over 30 years of teaching, research and consultancy experience, in Economics, Co-operative Management, Development Economics and Project Planning. He joined PICO Tanzania in 2006 and engages in the development of PICO in the country.

Suleman holds BA and MA degrees in Economics from the University of Dar-Es–Salaam, Tanzania. He also has a Master degree in Environmental Studies with emphasis in Organisational Management and Development from York University, Toronto, Canada.