PICOTEAM is a network-organisation with nodes in Africa, Latin America and Europe
  that supports efforts to bring about change and innovations for sustainable development.

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PICO Southern Africa

PICO Southern Africa offers consulting services mainly in Africa. Our core team comprises of a group of 4 professionals who have been engaged in national and international economic and social development initiatives for more than 15 years. In addition we work with members of the other PICO chapters and with a group of associates who share the same values and approaches.
We dispose of profound experiences and offer specialized quality services around a range of topics in the context of the focal areas of PICOTEAM (http://www.picoteam.org/focalarea.html ). Within these focal areas of PICOTEAM, our particular strengths as the PICO Southern Africa team embrace the following fields of practice:
  • Change management and systemic organisational development: Facilitation of change and strategy processes at different levels, including team development and personal development
  • Capacity and competence development for FACILITATION OF CHANGE
  • Reform of rural research and extension service systems within a decentralisation and local governance framework
  • Development of innovation systems and innovation platforms – based on value chain approaches and integrated agricultural research for development (IAR4D), aimed at scaling up and out of technological innovations, processes and institutional innovations 
  • Integrated natural resource management (INRM), particularly focussed on soil and water management, soil fertility management and community-based NRM / collective action and conservation approaches
  • Local economic development (LED) and rural economic and enterprise development (REED)
  • Local / farmer organisational development (LOD): facilitation of change within community / farmer organisations for empowerment, emancipation and effective self-organisation – as part of a broader community development framework
  • Education reform and competence development for innovation at education institutions at various levels, including universities
  • Action research approaches in different fields of development
  • Facilitation of policy development and dialogue processes – with a strong focus on agricultural policy processes at national and pan-African levels

The services we provide within these topics are mainly around:
  • Developing concepts and strategies for human capacity development
  • Project & Project / Programme Planning and implementation, and Process-oriented backstopping 
  • Design and Facilitation of Training & Competence Development Programmes, including continuous Coaching, Mentoring and Team Development support for Learning & Change Interventions
  • Design of M & E, Impact Assessment and Learning Systems for Organizations, Programmes and Projects, including Design of Knowledge Management, Performance Management and Quality Assurance Systems
  • Studies, Facilitation of Systematisation / Conceptualisation of Practical Experiences and Lessons into Experience-based Concepts and Methodologies / Approaches, including Proposal Development for Research and Development Initiatives
  • Facilitation of national and international workshops as well as  multi-Stakeholder Platforms for Innovation and Change and seminars