PICOTEAM is a network-organisation with nodes in Africa, Latin America and Europe
  that supports efforts to bring about change and innovations for sustainable development.

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PICO Knowledge Networking

Knowledge management is more than managing information through data banks and document repositories. In our understanding and practice, knowledge management is about
using knowledge more effectively to improve the way we do business
and achieve impact. It is a continuous improvement process involving all members of project teams, who learn, try out new ways of doing things, reflect, share their wisdom, and then change and adapt their projects to become more effective
and successful.
Knowledge management and learning (KM&L) is an approach to improve project performance and results. It integrates a number of functions and activities into a coherent and flexible project management system geared to performance enhancement.

PICO Knowledge Networking has been managing a range of knowledge and learning networks through a combination of face to face meetings and virtual networking of communities of practice and dialogue platforms. PICO Knowledge Networking provides the facilitating and animation function, summary and synthesis and the managing of platforms.

In terms of partnership brokering, PICO Knowledge Networking is facilitating and nurturing innovation and delivery platforms where the right actors are brought together to deliver on the right tasks at the right time. We develop effective platforms which deliver through a systemic approach. This means we try to make the system of actors work effectively by creating the right incentives, business models, relationships and institutional arrangements.

KM learning for improved performance